The deposit is equivalent of the first night of stay and is required for every booking. The final balance will be due upon check-out.

Cancellations will be taken processed only if in writing, via fax or e-mail.

Rooms Monteverde is an independent structure with limited availability, and as such has to fix rules for cancellation:
A Cancellation of a booking, that is made with more than 5 days’ notice before the beginning of the stay, will imply a penalty of € 30,00 fee and the remainder of the deposit will be returned.

Cancellations, which happen with less than 5 days’ notice before the beginning of the stay, will be subject to the payment  of 100% of the price of the first two nights of stay.

No show reservations will incur a full payment of the entire price of the stay.

Reduction of the duration of the stay or of the number of rooms, as originally booked, is considered as a cancellation and follows the same rules.

As required by the law, and for the safety of ROOMS MONTEVERDE guests, it is forbidden to smoke, as well prohibits guests to light fires or flames, e.g. incenses, candle and similar items in all closed environments of the structure.

Stay of animals can be discussed directly with our ownership upon booking request

Please contact us if you feel you will be traveling with an animal.